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Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Fading in and out of existence.
Existential crisis

When the sounds stir silence

in the wake of midnight,

a slow but sure slur of thoughts

walk by those barren lands

of your mind yet again.

Figuring out your moves,

your predictable outcomes,

your weaknesses and your wishes,

they trample gleefully over it all.

The house of endlessness,

of unwavering aura,

of unshakeable dilemma

awaits you every time you

try to settle into your skin

into your body.

It pulls you in an instant's fraction

makes you hold your breath

and breaks all of your mind

and along with that goes your will too.

Should you be questioning

or should you be accepting?

Should you be living

or should you be existing?

The lines segregating your reality

blur so fast, words loose meaning.

Hell, all that is loses meaning.

Why are you living so?

Where do you go?

You don't know.

Now that you're left alone,

Will you hold my hands again?

Now that you've disintegrated,

would you choose to be born again?

At the end of a terrible gift,

will you meet me where light lives?,

where light loves?,

where love lights your way?

Will you become whole again,

as you travel the multiverse

looking for yourself?

There's no shame in love, no fear.

There's only remembrance of yourself



Hello virtual readers, I'm Vaibhavi Pandit. This here is my artistic rendition of

my previous blogpost - Everything bagel.

Read it here to get deeper context and understanding of the poem.

Also let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section ;}

Don't forget to spread the word.

And finally below is a video to trip on some more.

Farewell until next time. Bye Bye.

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