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STOP - A Poem

Hello to the ones on the path of Self actualization. Remember these words.

When we look back to those times

when we slumbered in deep abyss

remaining innocent of the darkness

that lurked in every corner,

We think oh! So this was it.

This was the roaring monster that kept me awake at night

and made me want to end my life.

We think oh! Finally I'm free,

Finally I'm Me.

But when the next chapter of life arrives,

we still remain a fool to it's ploys

because to see it coming

what we need is not a quick wit

Neither a true and trusted method

Nor a Saviour.

What we actually need is to STOP.

Pause it all.

Look straight at the fear.

Look bravely at the pain.

Stare into their eyes.

Stare into the unknown

with such courageousness, it's ironically foolish

and while we stand completely naked

in the budding Truth of Ourself,

We find we weren't alone after all.


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